April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Tina!

I would have to say the second half of my life has been a very happy one. Thanks to Tina.

Byron and myself had a gig at a Catholic Church Group dance. The leader, Marty, had a limited budget and we took the job. We used a combination of his and my stereo systems, Byron had built a full set of lights and plug in modules that allowed us some limited FX abilities. There was strobe lights as well. We could have brought a fog machine, if we had thought longer.

It was a lot of younger kids. We requested people bring in records (much easier to get an idea of what they listen too). And I went through creating play lists and checking albums for play ability. Byron pretty much ran everything else. I recall him having a good time. I had a better time when a couple of girls closer to my age (by estimation) arrived.

There was one in a cute short black dress and another in some 60's\gypsy garb. I should mention this was a Halloween dance.

I found out later that Tina (the black dress) had been corralled into the dance by her neighbor Rick. She and her sister (gypsy) were a bit taken a back by the general youth of the attendee's. Neither of them would give up an opportunity to dance, which was good news for me.

At this point in my life I my knee was recovering from a motorcycle wreck. I owed lots of $$$ to the ER and I had a job with two bosses who would constantly countermand the other. I had given up on Collage, due to my own unfocused attempt at sublime laziness.

Funny to think that I almost turned down the job out of too much Hassle. Also, I was not sure Byron would be available to help. Interesting how the universe lined itself up.

So I was impressed with her musical tastes and surprised that she had a record that was not released in the USA. We danced and I recall it being a good, good night. At one point she vanished and I was a bit sad, my mind trying to figure out how to get back in touch. She had gone out to get a soda, and returned later.

I ended up asking her to join me skating that Sunday.

I love you very much Tina. Happy Birthday and Thank you.


keeka said...

Well Lee, I think Tina would say the second half of her life was full of love and a LOT of laughter, just the kind of life that keeps a person young at heart!

And to my sis, Tina you still look younger than me! Happy Birthday!

Tina said...

Yeah - try going thru a Drive-thru with him sometime. It's hard to order if you're gasping for air from laughing so hard! Cripes!

Thanks Lee :) Love you ;)

keeka said...

Well, enjoy the gasping, you must get an extra dose of oxygen or something to make you look so good!

@$#@ YOU!