January 31, 2007

Driving Mr. Daisy

I dislike driving vehicles. For no other reason then I hate sitting there paying attention and going someplace that more times then not I did not want to go to in the first place.

I drive well and have always aced any driving tests etc. However, its just not something I opt to do. Being able to walk to work is great and having a wife that enjoys driving means I can read or listen to music or sleep on longer trips. Ah, heaven...

Anyways, at one point I landed a job with Bank of America, transporting proof of deposit materials from banks to proofing centers. This consisted of a four or five hour jaunt of driving all over Southern california. Eventually, I got a route change and started travelling into 1000 west temple which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. This was three times a day two of which was rush hour. Yes, this was pre-internet when Fax was the king of transmitted data.

As time progressed I started to learn the personality of the freeways. The 91 is a hick, the 5 was uptight and easily annoyed. The 405 was more layed back, etc.

My route was pretty much the same. 405 to the 605 to the 5 to west temple and then head back. The thing about LA is there are many many ways of getting from point A to point B. So I developed alot of alternate routes. When the 105 opened that was a sweet ride and shaved quite a bit of time off the route. My knowledge of tunes went up as did my cool headedness. Being hourly and with traffic knowledge being a flip of the dial away, it was easy to kick back and let the snarl begin. I new surface routes and back alley cuts and could easily make it there and back again when the other slobs would barely make it a few miles.

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