January 26, 2007

Somthing really bad, usually has to happen.

The last two elections someone on CNN decided to start referring to the electorial collage vote, color states as the Red States and Blue States. I hear a lot of nay saying without any alternatives.

Our elected leaders are not leading they are reacting. Compromise or 'working together' is translated as 'You do what we want'. They keep harping on the Division of the country and how its worse now then ever...

Whenever two people get really pissed off at each other, sometimes the only way to get them united is for something outside of them occurs bringing them together. A disaster or a common foe etc.

The USA has always been a country of many different idea's and divisions. Some good some bad some open for debate. The USA has always been a country of people who cometogether for the common good, when the need arises. We the people will always extend a hand out to those in need and usually get pretty pissed off if taken advantage of (eventually).

Wouldnt it be great if the government all got together in the face of a common enemy? Like the Media....?

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