January 01, 2007

Shoo tale

My sieve like mind cannot retrieve the name of the guy, well he would be a kid then...

I'm back in junior high school. Which is a blending of 6th, 7th and 8th grade when there isnt enough room at the elementary school. Its a pre-high school high school social experiment that really gets the drama started.

I recall overhearing the above mentioned pre-pubecent talking about a recent scrap where he 'kicked someones butt' that somone being Shoo {see link to the right}. Now this kid was pretty messed up swollen face, with lacerations and contusions, claming victory.

If he won the fight and looked that beat-up I figured Shoo was worse. Out of concern I kept look out, finally spotting him a class or two later. He looked perfectly fine, uninjured. I conjectured the scabby kid had the wrong person named.

It wasnt until PE that I was able to corner Shoo and find out if he was in an altercation or not.

The first thing out of his mouth was. "Oh yeah, that.." which of course means he had pretty much dismissed the incident already.

"We fought at the park, I hurt my hand, told him he won and went home"

Sure enough, his hand was swollen and later dicovered he had broken it with other guys face.

Victories are not always pretty, or even victories for that matter...


shoo said...

Until a couple years ago, this was the only fight I had ever been in.

- Rob said...

I remember the incident too. I never heard the boasts from the "winner" -- but I remember Lee talking about it. I also have a clear memory of Shoo trying to play basketball at lunchtime with only one working hand. I think that convinced him that something was really wrong.