January 09, 2007

Work Life Balance

One of the buzz words around here is Life\Work balance. Shouldnt we have more leisure time? Wasnt there some theories back in the 60's that our free time would increase with automation?

What kind of crock was that? 30 hour work week! thats the ticket!! Five weeks vacation a year to start! Bring back the Blue Laws! Day of rest! Sabbath time!

I got the option to go to four 10 hour days. Sounds sweeet? Three days off a week? What a deal! In practicality it doesnt work out that great for a dad.

I get to work by 7:30am. I get to see the kids briefly in the morning as we are all scrambling around. I get home after 7:00pm. Everyone is already engaged in the after dinner activities or have already left to do whatver it is they do.

Sit down dinners are out of the question. So I throw together what I can and eat alone or at the computer checking on the events of the day. Then its either chase everyone down. pick everyone up or just watch the tube or play wow. Get Connor to bed. Remind the teens is a school nite and then hit the sack myself for hopefully 8 hours before going again.

My copious day off is Thursday. Which I either have a project or its raining. I do some busy work, balance the books. Run some errands and wait for the kids to arrive.

So after a couple of weeks I am thinking five 8's are more suited to my work\life balance. Just have to convince my manager.

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Tina said...

I agree.