January 29, 2007


I took Connor to the Roller rink Saturday. He is much better on skates at that age then I ever was, physically he is remarkable, great balance and sense of self. Clumsy is not Connor.

They played a couple of songs he likes, so we had to sing along. Barbie Girl being a biggie. He wanted to be out on the floor the whole time. This was not fun for my lower back but I survived with only a couple of advil, heating pad and a nice wifey massage.

I forgot to trim my toenails, which caused the msot discomfort. I have some hockey skates which are light, very stiff and a very snug fit. So for about two hours I was shoving the nail back into my toe and I didnt bring my nylon socks opting for the cotton ones that are two thick.

I do need to get some new laces as the three year hiatus has caused the old ones to not be the bestest. The wheels, while not the best, are still going strong and overall it was very nice and familier having them on my feet again. The way I skate they are really a natural extension for me now.

I watched Connor carefully and with out too much more time on the floor He would be solo, I'm sure of it.

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