January 08, 2007

Meetings (a series)

Tina, my wifey. soul mate (thats the plan anyways). etc.

Met her at a church dance that she musta been really bored to even been too. Ah, Kismit. So its a church dance a friend of mine is running for her youth group. One of the members of her youth group is named Rick who is a good friend (lived up the street) from Tina's family.

I used to DJ dances with my friend Byron. We would get paid based on whatever they could afford and Byron had a set of lights and we combined our stereo's to get the sound. Poor Byron couldnt put a playlist together to save his soul so I would be in charge of what goes next.

My music collection while exoteric did not lend itself to your usual dancing mob so we advertised for peeps to bring thier music so we would be sure to play what they like! My actual first meeting with Tina was over her records as I thumbed through and commented how nice the various selections where. This won a few points I found out later.

Being a red head I had my work cut out for me. Unbenownst to me Tina had this biggotted predjudice against any and all red heads. She only watched the Lucy Show cuz it was B&W. Luckily my charm and incredible dance moves overshadowed my coif.

Actually, this crowd was a bit youngish for me and Byron was dance challanged other then a Heavy Metal Head bob. So with him set with his play list. I was gofer and went out dancing. With Tina. Occasionally I would go back and set the play list.

All in all it was a decent dance and Hey! we got paid! I enjoyed chatting with Tina and was more then a little dissapointed when she vanished. Although, she did come back later with 'decent' soda drinks.

I invited her to go roller skating that Sunday night. She had functional skates and had some skills. I ended up skating and talking most of the night with her. I even ended up throwing caution to the wind (my recently cut loose ex GF was at the rink.) and skated couples skate with her. Damn she must have been intersting that night. As she continues to be. Now we are 25 years later Married 19 of those in August.

And I cannot figure out how I ever made it through life without her.


shoo said...

You probably wouldn't. You and me would be living in the gutters of LA without our women to keep us set straight.

Tina said...

You neglected to mention that I was wearing a hot little black velvet minidress number because it was Halloween when we met.

And then the skating thing, I was wearing a slinky cat costume.

And then we danced thru the 80's - wheeee!

Thanks sweetie :)