January 22, 2007


In my past I have hosted and ran various dice and paper games, primarily AD&D (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons). It was a great reason to get together socially with my friends and provided many hours of entertainment.

I am lead to believe that I was pretty damn good at running the games, or being the Game Master to use the term. I would design and run the various storylines and sceanario's. It all started back at the local collages gaming club. I would go there to play and no one was running a game. I ended up running those games and eventually even ran games at convention tournaments.

I went from just running random games to making an ongoing event with static characters, finally started from scratch with brand new um... saner.. characters.

This went over a long period of time several years with many faces that came and went. Finally culminating in my retirment when I moved up to Oregon.

Now my riddled brain doesnt recall nearly as to what all happened over this period of time and frequently either my wife or one of my friends will recall an incident that strikes a cord but I have little to no recollection about.


Tina said...

I doubt I would have ever even tried the game had it not been for Lee.

It was a tad dull just coming to games & watching, but at least it looked interesting enough to give it a try.

The best thing was there was no lag time between choosing to do something, and then having the next thing happen. Not like when people have to look up stuff in a module (and then you did something not even covered in the module & then the whole thing just stops).

I remember something about a falling rodent that Lee did well, and Bob taking out the Dark Overlord from Howard the Duck all by himself when the rest of us almost died as a group.

And I had a cool cape that made people think I was black dragon.

Okay - maybe that wasn't the best thing...


shoo said...

I got the biggest laugh watching the movie "Dragonheart". The whole thing with a guy and a dragon teamed up to scam villagers just struck me as exactly the sort of thing you would come up with. You always had such interesting NPCs.