January 18, 2008

CAFE standards, bringing death, smog and loss of jobs to your country!!!

CAFE standards drive up the cost of cars. The high cost of cars means people keep thier old car for longer periods of time. Cars over time pollute more.

It used to be Americans bought a car around 5 years, now its 9 years.

In the 1980's the CAFE standars made smaller more fuel efficent rolling deathtraps. Directly resulting in thousands of deaths on the roads.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain all are stumping for this "tax" that, like a typical government program is a road to hell paved with good intentions.

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timmer said...

you didn't run this rant past tina before you posted it, did you?

Lee said...

Nope, I havent run any of my blog postings past tima.

Lee said...

Or Tina either...

Tina said...

You know, I like Cafes. The nice little tables with the tablecloths out by a nice fountain. I just usually get coffee & a dessert.

Carolyn & I made it a point to visit all the cafes we could while we were in Germany.

We didn't drive tho, we used public transportation and just walked.