January 03, 2008

Friends Ebb and Tide

My Family was pretty static when I came along. My Mom and Pop had settled into the American dream in a So Cal. town.

This made for a consistant set of faces going all through school. That is why two of the links to your right are people I have known for forty years. The bulk of the rest over 25 years.

My wife and I have followed suit and our kids have had the same 'home town' experience as well. So while I have been blessed with a nurturing family and a wonderful home life with good friends, periodically I ponder the ebb and tide of some friendships.

John B. lived across the street and moved when I was six or seven. Peter P. lived up the street he and his sister Barbara and I would run around till the street lights came on (my mom's signal to come home). Jim E. lived on the corner his Dad worked at Mattel, he was the first kid I knew who's parents got a divorce.

They all moved away early. Thier houses reminded me of them.

Junior High friends, High School friends, Youth Group Friends, Boy Scouting Friends, Air Explorer friends. Work Friends etc. There are so many lives that weave themselves into the threads of your life. Some you loose track of, like Steve V. who I last saw on a beach and understand lives in the mid-west now. Some weave back in, Like Ronn who virtually is linked via blogs. or Flying Van who I have always had some contact with but large gaps in the weave.

I find it comfortable that people who have known me for such a long time are still in contact and interested in my life and goings ons.

So thanks for reading. And Shoo special thanks for the blogging.


shoo said...

And you thought you wouldn't have anything to say :P

Lee said...

Now I wonder if what I have to say is anything anyone cares to read.

flyingvan said...

I'm sort of figuring that part out. Is the number of comments you get an indication of general interest in your post? I've noticed people comment on work stuff posted, but not posts about kids. But I like reading posts about people's kids, there's just nothing to comment on other than 'They are getting so big' or 'Thank GOD some things skip a generation'.
Blogging is another evolutionary step in communication, I think. Pheromones, then stance, then language; writing. Telephones, making distance comms possible. Cell phones improving on the access. Email so you can think a little more about what you're saying, and they can be read when convenient---no phone call in the middle of dinner. Blogs make it an open forum. Eventually bodies won't be needed, we'll each own an independent bandwidth, and communication will be instant to anyone.

Lee said...

I think there is an instinct to gather and to want to be heard.

I personally do not know what I want to hear\read until I hear it or have an inkling about that something.

I like posts about family life. Being a parent it lets me know we all have something in common.

I like posts about polotiks, it gives me that "wth would they think that" and then introspection.

The posts I tend to go 'feh' on are the 'look at me, do what I do and the world will be better' sort of crap that is sooo baseless.

Lee said...
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Tina said...

The comments are a nice plus, but my main "audience" for my blog is people I know personally that WOULD be interested in my family & kids.

I like taking photos, and it's a great way to share those with family & friends.

I'm always totally shocked when someone I don't know posts to my blog. I feel like, Why would they even look?

flyingvan said...

Common interests. They probably clicked on their own favorite movie/book/interest and your blog came up, I think.

ronnwaters said...

It's kind of like "gravitational attraction".
It is good to have that connection to something bigger than the work-a-day world, but less structured than church.

Last I heard Steve was in SF working as a carpenter.