January 09, 2008


My Friends, my wife and I all get together online and play World of Warcraft (as previously stated ad nausium). You are welcome to join us in game. Just know that you can only group in fives.

Here is a run down of our little guild:

Tuuk is played by me

Keight is played by Tina

Gorlach by Shoo


Boans is played by RBG

RBG's boy played Treon but he is currantly on Sabbatical.

The links you see are to a neat little data base that the folks who run Warcraft (Blizzard) set up so you can check out your character and possibly look for new improved items in game.


Tina said...

Or if your character does tailoring, you can see what items your friends are wearing and if you can make them something better...

Keight, Gorlach & Boans all wear cloth armor, which Keight can sew.

Thanks for the quick & easy link to see what the guys are wearing!

flyingvan said...

I don't think it's an option with uor slow dial up, and blogging at work is about as far as I'm willing to push the envelope there. I DID see the Southpark episode though.