January 11, 2008


Busy busy lives. Tina is getting ready to go Yurt camping over the weekend with the Girl scouts. So she had to run out late last night and do shopping. With my on-call position I find myself getting calls early in the AM having to throw on sweats to get something fixed.

RBG is being flown all over the globe for back to back meetings.

Flying Van has feast of famine with split second decisions that puts the lives of others in his hands.

Ronn has to deal with a state run, federal compliant bureaucracy, and teaching the most difficult nightmare students of all, Tenured Teachers.

Shoo probably has some kind of stress someplace, sometime... kinda... i think...

Timmer's entire life is a demented living hell of guilt and acquiescence as anyone who reads between the lines of his blog can tell.

Keeka... well her stress is self induced... :p

So every so often comes Down time. Unwind time. Escapism.

Personally, when I walk out the door from work and start perambulating the downtown streets, I begin the process of exorcism of the work day demons. This usually is recanting some less then fun event and thinking of 'what I shoulda done' or 'what I shoulda said' or just accepting I was an ass.
When I reach home Connor is there to erase any trace of Funk from my brain. “Hey, Daddy your back! Did you have a good at work?” or sometimes a hug or sometimes a request for Pizza. He has that sunshine on a cloudy day effect on pretty much everyone around him.
So for escape itself, it is no secret that I opt out of TV for WoW. Lately books are few and far between, however, getting into a nice fiction is a plus. Going to the occasional movie (so few I want to see anymore). Or just doing something that isn't related to anything I do at work.

So my house is my escape pod from work into my life.

Whats yours?


Tina said...

This is why we need to redo the bathroom. We don't really need a big vanity - a little sink is fine.

Regular old toilet.

But a jacuzzi tub - THAT's what I want! Then the bathroom would be the Calgon - take me away! kind of room.

Lock the door, light a few aromatherapy candles, get some chocolate & a good paperback & I'm set for 3 hours! Wheee!

- Rob said...


Family Vacations & Outings - sometimes it is just a movie, sometimes a road trip, sometimes bike riding, whatever. Getting out with the family is important to keep my perspective on life. Work to live, don't live to work!

Airplane trips - a rare chance to read.

WOW - catching up with friends.

Working on a challenging project - at work I do a lot of admin/trivia type stuff. When I have a good customer and an interesting project, I can get absorbed into that. I am doing some User Defined Function work in SQL Server right now for example that is a lot of fun. I don't get to do much of that anymore. It is almost like being a programmer again!

Geocaching - mixing computers, detective work, puzzle solving, and then putting it all together to physically get out into the world and find new places has been very cool.

Scouts - I am helping the Girl Scouts with a meeting this afternoon. I still teach orienteering for the Boy Scouts about once per year.

There are more. Those come to mind first.

flyingvan said...

Building stuff. If I'm stuck at a boring meeting I'm working on construction plans in my head. I told Annamarie the cabin we're just starting to build (It'll be our fourth property---our residence plus three rentals) will be the last one, but she doubts it.
Stress? Nah. One of my favorite quotes is from The Flying Wallendas (of tightrope fame)"Life is when you're on the wire. Everything else is just waiting" My problem isn't stress. I don't need to escape stress I need to escape boredom. I can get bored at work but not around my kids or during a building project

Anonymous said...

Your house- getting away from the stress of school and home. I got to experience the joy of connor myself, the love i have for trevor and just plain fun with the girls. you always seemed to crack me up with some serious look on your face talking about something completely random. Your wife making delicious foods and discussing wonderful things over spaghetti(it was always spaghetti i dont think i ate much other than that) and hearing about the catholic traditions. I miss that....love nae