January 04, 2008

Time for Chores!

The other day, Connor (my youngest) came into the bedroom and requested the assistance of my wife. As previously stated, he has language delayed Autism.

So it went something like this "Come on momma, time for chores, I need help"

Tina obliged and was then helping him make his bed. Which had to be made in a very specific way. Sponge bob blanket, wolf print blanket, the comforter folded a specific way all tucked int with the microbead pillow then the regular pillows in specific places.

A kid wanting to clean up his room... good thing.

Next he rousted my collage teen and had him make his bed which is in the same room. Another good thing as I had pretty much given up on the make your bed thing.

So the next day Connor inlisted the help of my high school age daughter to make the bed (exact same way). Got my collage kid to do make his. Then had my nephew house guest make his as well.

I am thinking soon I will have to make my bed again...


flyingvan said...

My nephew is autistic and goes to a really neat school in San Clemente. Another kid crashed his tricycle and got all scratched up. My nephew, Vin, ran to the teachers to tell them the other kid got hurt. The teachers were so excited that Vin 1)spoke a full sentence and 2) showed empathy for the other kid, Vin got all the attention and the kid that crashed was pretty much ignored

Tina said...

How great for Vin tho!! Hopefully the hurt kid could just shake it off & get back to playing - that's more or less what you want to have happen anyway. Unless they were seriously injured, in which case the staff should really have helped him.

I make the bed (especially if I need it to sort laundry, etc.) but Connor likes to play "Hide in the closet & come get me" which is him snuggling in my bed under the blankets & then someone has to hide & come get him. I have to make sure whatever is on the bed comes off before we start, or it will all be on the ground.

Maybe I can get him to help me remake my bed after the game...

- Rob said...

Don't send Connor to my house. I gave up on making the bed long ago!

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