January 08, 2008

Computer stuff

Because of what I do I get to answer computer questions. Most are for the beginner computer people out there.

If you are not the sort of person who would ever be interested in games and you do not use a Windows machine at work then go with the $799.00 Mac Mini. Buy the apple keyboard and mouse for another $100.00 and a digital flat panel monitor with a DVI port. A Dell ultra sharp monitor refurbished from a company with a good return policy will cost you about $150.00
so your looking around $1050.00 for a 'good' starter Macintosh. It will have all the basic software you could use.
You can get by without security software.
You will not be able to buy software for your computer from most normal outlets.
Very few people will be able to help you with any tech problems (few occur actually) and your internet provider will not have a clue how to set up your system (99.9% of the time this will not be an issue)

Or you can buy a PC with keyboard mouse monitor for $550.00 (based on Dell inspiron 530)

1. Either pay $40.00+ a year or get anti-virus for free.

2. Use either windows defender or some spyware program for free.

3. Buy Microsoft Office with your computer for either $150.00 or $280.00 or get a compatible office product for free. FYI if you buy Microsoft Office Small business your looking aroun $370.00.


Tina said...

So... $700 for a decent PC.


CresceNet said...
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- Rob said...

I am always very curious when I see deleted comments. What was there? Why did it have to be deleted? Where did the bits go that died so young?

Then I close the comment window, get on with my life, and forget about it entirely.

Curiousity is a funny thing. It is so strong of an urge at the time, but left unsatisfied and removed from the situation it usually goes away to be forever forgotten.

I am curious as I wrote this about the comment deleted above this note. In a few minutes, it will be unanswered and forgotten.

Thanks for letting me share some random thoughts that are unrelated to this post.

P.S. I still can't remember the name of your moped though! Did the name start with an 'R'? Something like Rita keeps coming to mind, but I think it is just that Beatles' song.

Lee said...

The Deleted item was spam. It was some poor engrish typped item that said something like.

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