January 20, 2008

Entertaining peoples

Laughter is something different. Something is funny for some reason and we laugh. Likewise is the need for entertainment.

I am starting to think we are at an entertainment crossroads. While we have no idea what the first entertainment was we could surmise it had something to do with watching something, then telling about what you saw.

You can see how that could branch into fiction and story's. So the old campfire tales, singing, poems and physical humor, with its oohs awe's and laughter.

Someone gifted at the above would start honoring requests. If someone new came along, the group would want to share the old familier acts.

A natural extension would be to send your entertainers to visit friends, tribes, neighbors. Throw a few centuries and you have an industry around entertainment.

With the internet we have a retro back to the storytelling on a wide scale. With that raw unpolished edge that makes it that much more novel. Also, we have captured entertainment from the past that we can discover or recall.

Television in a small way has stepped up its game. There have been some very good shows out the last few years. Movies are struggling trying to find where they belong. radio has lost most of its traction and is being relegated to background noise.


flyingvan said...

What very good shows? So far all I can find is MonsterQuest and Good Eats. Monk was good but got stale.

Lee said...

Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Torchwood.

Tina said...


flyingvan said...

I drew a mental Venn diagram of the TV program recommendations of three people who's opinion I value; the only common program was 'Heroes' so I guess I'll watch that. Two people recommended Battlestar Galactica.
I miss Lost In Space. I had a thing for Penny (she was also Brigitta in 'Sound Of Music'). I also had a thing for MaryAnne, who I pretty much am married to now

Tina said...

Eh. I'm still stuck on ole-timey Battlestar Gallactica. The new one was just weird to me.

Good luck with that.

shoo said...

Heh. Steve loved Lost in Space. I was thinking that would be more his brother Bob's thing.