January 25, 2008

My Favorite show (all time)

Doctor Who. Back in November of 1963 those lucky Britons where introduced to an Unearthly child, Susan who's eccentric Grandfather was The Doctor (played by William Hartnell). What first seemed like an early twilight zone quickly becomes full fledged science fiction as they journey back to the stone age with Susans unbelieving and not quite willing teachers.

Of course I was in Southern California then, watching Hopalong Cassidy and the Cisco kid on KTLA and KTTV. In that time before cable the BBC was an ocean away. No, my first introduction to the Doctor was on a UHF channel when I was in Junior High school. Tom Baker was 'My Doctor'. Blue screen special effects and third rate Television sets would have been a quick turn to another station if not for clever writing and top notch performances. And then it happened, while fighting an enemy he fell off a radio telescope tower to his death.

Yup, the lead character died. Not something you EVER see. End of the series? Nope, as it turns out The Doctor is a time lord (not a human). As such he has this thing he does call regeneration where by he can change every molecule in his body and get around something as minor as a crushed body.

This is the plot device that kept. the show going for 26 seasons and seven Doctors. In 1989 they stopped producing the television show, however there was several books and radio shows that would keep the flame burning. Somehow Fox television made a so so attempt to bring him back to the magic glowing box in 1996 with the 8th doctor. Then there was more radio and a flash animation series as well. Until 2005 when they re-started production.

Christopher Eccelson brought a frentic pace with some amazing stories and and equally amazing back story (Bad Wolf anyone). Plus, they added websites that would keep the plot running. With a climax that brought David Tennent into the role, created a spinoff Torchwood, and leads us to the above clip.

This was filmed as part of a childrens fundraiser and takes place between the 2007 season and the 2008 season. Peter Davidson (the fifth doctor) meets David Tennet (the tenth doctor). Its amusing enough for the current doctor fans but just grabs us long time fans by the nostalgic heart.

This is a great show and I am doubly blessed that my whole family enjoys the Doctors exploits as much as I do.


Tina said...

This is a great show to watch as a family. If your kids are raised nerdy enough :P

(we're doing a fine job of raising nerdy kids here!!)

The discussions afterward are great...

keeka said...

I have to say, even though I didn't really watch Dr. Who, I have seen a couple of episodes so I kind of know the idea behind the show. I did enjoy a few episodes of Torchwood, but it is on cable now right? Or not on anymore? I did watch this clip and for most of you who watch the show, I would have to say this must have been a very touching episode! I actually got a little teary eyed there towards the end and I don't have the benefit of knowing the characters that well! It just makes the Doctors Who, more endearing that is for sure!

Lee said...

Torchwood is on BBC America channel. The UK shows only run about 13 episodes per season.

Where the US makes 24 episodes a season typically.

I enjoyed Torchwood's first season a lot. The more mature content made it something we prefer the kids not watch. I have the UK broadcast versions which are a bit more racey then the BBC america version.

ronnwaters said...

We too watch the Dr as a family and leave TW for when Joel is otherwise engaged . Some of the smoochieness is a bit much.
It was good to see James Marsters. Much better here than on Smallville....
Back in '91-92 I met Douglas Adams (yes, THAT DA) and was the only one in the audience that asked anything about his tenure writing for DW. It was a young crowd.
This was all thanks to Lee's influence.