January 07, 2008

Congress Bans the Light Bulb.

You have to Dig to find this The global warming scam is going to be a winfall for GE at the cost of our pocketbook and the environment.

Flourescent blub's do not have any positive side I can see. They are supposed to save you money on your electrical bill. However, you cannot throw them away in the trash can and if you break one you are looking at a nasty time getting it cleaned up.

I'll have to see if I can get a perscription for one if the ban has allowances for medical needs.


timmer said...

yep. pretty dumb idea. can we blame bush? ;->

leds might be an option by the time the rules go into effect in 2012. but they have a ways to go. they're currently pretty ugly.

it's a pretty good coup by the fluorescent lobby. push incandescents out. make some money quick. before people realize your product is full of poison. and leds eat your lunch.

flyingvan said...

Pretty high mercury content in those damn things. I wonder how many suicides can be attributed to bahting people's workdays in that cold light? Also, Mike was saying something I won't pretend to understand about how flourescents use alot more energy than claimed, it's jsut a wavelength that the electrical meters don't fully read. The ballasts required are pretty full of hazardous wastes and are responsible for quite a few fires when they overheat.

timmer said...

um... got an url for mike? seems unlikely a fluorescent (or any other device for that matter) can draw power from the wall without the power company being able to meter it and bill you for it. ;->

assuming you can reliably measure fluorescents, they draw about 1/5th the electricity as incandescents for an equivalent amount of visible light. lotta folks have done this. including mythbusters episode 69. but! that only compares how much energy they use. i assume fluorescents cost more to manufacture and dispose of. both in dollars and energy.