November 26, 2008

Holidays Christmas

Tom Blumer has written yearly stories on the MSM's strong preference for using the term "holiday shopping" instead of "Christmas shopping", but they preferred to describe layoffs as relating to "Christmas."

He has Google News searches in November and December in each of the last three years :

2005-2007 News stories have overwhelmingly preferred "holiday shopping" on the commerce side, and have used "Christmas" over twice as frequently in articles about layoffs.

Interesting stuff?


flyingvan said...

I had an evangelical Christian co-worker challenge me as to wether or not our family still had the 'Christ' in 'Christmas'. I told him we went one better----we even still have the 'Mass' in 'Christmas'.

Stella said...

The post is interesting. Some consistency from MSM would be nice. So, I wonder if people would rather be laid off during Christmas or the Holidays? (Or, perhaps, not at all?)

Lee, I have nowhere else to write you and yours a belated Happy Thanksgiving and a sincere thank you for giving me a different perspective.