November 25, 2008

Higher learning Gouging students!

So I catch this little CNN story, it is a sad tale of the time. Students feeling the pinch. Such tough economic times. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

My mind goes back to an old posting and I wonder. Why not have these institutes of higher learning drop the tuition fees to help?

In this story one college kid bemoans his $2000.00 he owes. Hmmm, hey University of Arkansas, write this off? You taught him so well he will make a great alum someday right?

I mean, where are those MSM types who are going after these Greedy colleges?


Tina said...

Where did that increase come from in the first place?

In 1980-82, my community college tuition was $50 a semester. I got my AA for $200.

I got my Bachelor's for an additional $4,000 at a state university in three years.

One year at OIT (state university) was $15,000 for our son. He's at community college this year, and it's a lot less at $2,700 for the year, but dang - that's only 9 classes! I don't think it's even 1/2 an AA.

So why the huge hike in cost? Is he getting that much better an education than I got? What's the deal?

keeka said...

heh, I doubt it. It seems as though the parents of some of these kids will pay anything to get their kids out of the house! They are even starting this in Pre-school! We have stay at home moms paying $3.50 per hour after hours and there are quite a few that leave their kids in from 12noon to 3pm. I mean I can understand if they were working, but really, 3 hours after school when you are at home??? Why for goodness sake! As with the college kids, some are not even there to learn!

Lee said...

There is quite a difference between having your pre-schooler out of the house and your collage aged teen.

15k a year would keep most Pre-K at home. That is not even a full year...

Stella said...

Budget cuts in education are rampant and lead to higher tuition. Unfortunately, many public schools are subject to this problem. I just lost a university job because state funding was withdrawn.

The increase in federal educational funding was for K-12.

Keeka, stay-at-home moms are the exception, rather than the rule. Many mothers need those afternoon programs. For those who don't work, you're absolutely right.

Stella said...

Lee, this link from College Board's "Trends in College Pricing" might interest you.

Stella said...

I found another link for you regarding college fees.

The state of our educational system is depressing.