January 19, 2009


Inactive entertainment is: Watching television, sitting on the beach, sports (watching), movie.
Active entertainment: Board games, MMO's, Karaoke, sports (playing), reading, wii.
Oblique entertainment: Radio while driving, working, doing face book.

Each has a degree of passive to active that can be associated.  Likewise a certain degree of guild can be associated as well.  

How much entertainment do we need and of what type?  Even under the harshest living environment there is entertainment.  Spiritual hymns come to mind.  It is part of human nature to entertain and be entertained.   I have been witness to kids sitting around in a room full of high tech entertainment distractions and be bored with no inkling of how to change the situation.  I have also seen the same kids be amused for hours with a stick and flowing water.

Recently we re-assessed our passive entertainment options (dish network) and found a better deal.  It is still on the lower end, option wise.  I mean there are many many channels you can get, but only a handful that you care to watch.  Less if you pick something to watch.

Being a multi-generational kinda guy, my parents recall the first time they saw TV.  Further back they have spoken fondly of many radio shows of years gone by.  Prior to that, my Grandfather played a pretty mean fiddle and my aunts could out sing the Andrew Sisters on any Saturday night.

Entertainment is changing, and it is interesting watching the change as we become more connected and less connected at the same time.

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