January 20, 2009


I know that some people have faith that there is nothing greater then themselves.  It appears these same people have no tolerance for religious beliefs.  

Intellectually, I cannot fathom how said people could have any moral authority.  Further, I have witnessed that lack of moral authority many times.  With someone of faith they have no excuses to fall back upon, no justification.  Such as getting nearly caught having an affair and finding something logical to divert your spouse from the truth.  Seeing as it all worked out, its justified (truth be damned).

If someone narrowly escapes bodily harm there are a number of adequate responses to the telling of the tale.  "Wow that was lucky",  "I am sure glad you were not hurt", "Someone up there must like you", "Give me your guardian angels business card", "Thank the Lord",  "Allah be praised!" etc.

I suppose you could be offended at some of these, kinda stupid thing to waste that energy on and totally misses the point.  The fact someone could have been badly injured and wasn't, is a cause for celebration anyway you see fit.  If it is a bike .vs. truck accident or a jetliner making an emergency landing in the water.

If you do not understand a belief, engaging in a conversation can bridge that gap.  If you want to pontificate ad nausem about how your superior and anyone in disagreement can play in a plastic bag.  Okay, your choice.  Best to leave your examples as just that, and not to obliquely attack of someones family, once, twice, three-times...

If you do like to pontificate ad nausem, you may want to stifle anyone who can challenge you directly, I'm sure a line will form.  I guess you could always go the cowardly route and blog about it without allowing comments...

He who overcomes others is strong, but he who overcomes himself is mighty. - Lao-Tze

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Stella said...

Lee, you're absolutely right. The inability to listen to differing views is inconceivable to me. I enjoy exchanging comments with you on our blogs.


Tolerance is central to learning. I'm loquacious and will research endlessly to make my point, but am not insensitive to others' views. The central tenet of my belief is tolerance of all faiths.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

Truly a wonderful post, Lee.