January 05, 2009

those little things

My wife is a big fan of CSI.  It is wearing thin on me, although, I do enjoy David Caruso's poses and delivery.  As a family we enjoy The Big Bang Theory and Heroes.  These are on CBS and we see them through Dish Network.  Or rather we did watch them.

Dish Network and Fisher Broadcasting are having a dispute.  Dish wants to pay them for programming and Fisher wants to be paid higher then any other broadcaster.  Fisher also has an issue with a station they now own that was being played on Dish, that was not paid at the proper levels of the contract.  I see them as two different issues.

Dish network has credited the viewers the $1.00 monthly fee associated with the CBS Affiliate and put the Hallmark movie channel into its rotation as way of appeasement.  Hallmark, so far, sux.

In my mind Fisher has the most to loose.  I did find it interesting that Federal Law will not permit Dish to broadcast another CBS affiliate in our area (KVAL is in Eugene which is not really local to us).  

All in all this is a very small matter.  Just another in a long list of annoying things that happen. 

Most Television shows are available online, in High Def at the ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX web sites, (The Big Bang theory is not).  Which makes me wonder If a computer would not be a better option then a HDTV.   The Entertainment industry is going through some major changing.

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