January 22, 2009

Say one thing do another

President Obama is a Liberal Democrat.  His Inauguration was attended by lots of people the bulk of which are similarly to the Left.

Liberal Democrats say they are very concerned about the Environment.  Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democrats blame global warming on human activity, compared to 21% percent of Republicans.  Rasmussen

Am I to conclude that  pollution is not a problem when caused by folks supporting your agenda?

Is this what inauguration attendees thought Obama meant when he said we needed a new era of responsibility?


Tina said...

All the trash cans were full?

Maybe he needed to end his speech with "pack it in? Pack it out!"

Stella said...

No, not at all, Lee. My job centers on telecommunicating: When I have to make the occasional 30-mile (each way) trip to attend meetings, I take the bus.

It's a three-hour ride each way, but I have my mp3 player and just enjoy the scenery. My husband and I are avid public transportation riders.

If progressives say we believe that human activity creates global warming, we'd better be prepared to act on our convictions. I absolutely agree with you.

Tina, LOL, you are a riot!