January 01, 2009

I'm not into myth's

We have some really bad news concerning Man Made Global Warming.  Well, it is bad news for those buying into the doomsday Algore moneymaking version.  30 years of all this horrible planetwide oncomming trainwreck and there is ZERO change to the Sea Ice levels...

Usually when your a scientist and your Hypothesis falls apart during testing, you go back and start over.  Unless your an environmental scientist.  Then you either massage the numbers to 'prove' your right, or shout louder and longer at how wrong those who disagree with you are.  It's similer to the "But, mom.. I really want that toy" technique that works so well with the glassy eyed.

No matter though.  Scientist after scientist is jumping off the MMGW bandwagon and asking to actually look at the documentation.  Now that a few brave souls are bucking the lemming consensus.

New Years resolution.  Let's let people know that the government throwing billions of our money into something to make frauds rich is not the way to be stewards of the planet.

Rather, good practical reasons that are based in truth.


flyingvan said...

Lee, you just don't know a success story when you see it. AlGore made a movie that won an Oscar. Therefore, it is 100% legit. There is no way the Academy would just substantiate a fearmongering documentary unless they had personnaly confirmed all the facts contained therein. What must have happened is, he changed enough hearts and minds and reversed global warming! I can prove it, too. It's cold outside.

Tina said...

Back when I worked in title insurance in So. Cal, I was told that a huge flood was overdue to hit the Orange County area. All the houses that are required to have flood insurance are in that flood plain. Unless you're on a big hill, you are in the floodplain.

This flood is estimated from the sediment deposits in the area, analyzed by geologists. It hits every 500 years or so.

Now its 100-some years overdue, according to the experts. I'm just wondering when it does hit, will it be attributed to global warming as well? Or the oncoming ice age, which was the theory in the 70's?

And how the heck are people going to be able to file a claim? If the entire County is flooded? Yikes!

Lee said...

A 500 year flood is statistically due.

That term can be misleading though. In any given year there is a 1 in 500 chance that a flood of that magnitude can occur.

So it is entirely possible to have two 500 year floods in consecutive years.

Stella said...

Yet NASA/JPL and Geology.com, WWF, and Science Daily all follow the Scientific Flow Chart, and recognize that Global Warming is factual.

And what about earthquakes? Los Angeles has a 97% chance of the "big one" hitting in the next 30 years.

Don't mean to be rude, Lee. I just don't buy Global Warming as Junk Science. There are too many predictors to the contrary.

flyingvan said...

Actually, you can easily find conflicting data, (most damning---NASA reports the world as cooling since 1998....USGS shows long term trends and will not use the past 200 years to predict the next....AS far as World Wrestling Federation, they probably know at least as much about it as Al Gore does. Science Daily sells based on popular subjects so in my view is tainted and unscientific. How many cold winters would it take to convince you?

Lee said...

It boils down to how many billions of our money do we allocate on something that people have no control?

How many laws and enforcement that infringe on our remaining freedoms do we shackle ourselves with?

I have read, and read and poured through report after report, blog after blog and find ream after ream of no cause effect relationship that stands on its own. The science is not junk. It is just motivated by the morally bankrupt.

Stella said...

Flying Van, you got it mixed up: you're thinking of WWE not WWF. The acronym change is old news. Obviously, you didn't read the link I found.

However, 1998 is a long time ago, and NASA revised their data. We've had the warmest winters on record here in So Cal, with little rain. In fact, we're in a drought period. So I don't know what you mean by cold winters. We haven't had any rain in some time (see the USGS report below).

Here's just one article from the USGS and the USGS report on abrupt climate change, which indicate long-term trends in the environment. Your comment about USGS does not tell the entire story about climate change.

Now, whether we have control of this problem, I cannot say. There are far more important freedoms than creating hybrids and slowing down oil and natural gas consumption: these resources won't last much longer. So, doesn't it make sense to find other energy sources?

Lee, someone like Dick Cheney and Halliburton? That's morally bankrupt. Reducing VA Benefits for six years while soldiers fight for our country is morally bankrupt. The VA states there's 154,000 homeless veterans, while Halliburton still can't account for over a billion dollars in expenses.

Morally bankrupt, to me, means refusing to spend the money helping our veterans and at least trying to cure the environmental problems, and cure homelessness, poor education, and provide medical insurance for all people.

Consider the billions we spent in Iraq, a country over which we had no control. We've spent billions on outsourcing jobs to other countries so multinational corporations don't have to pay a living wage, and jobs are increasingly scarce. That's clearly morally bankrupt.

The USGS published a study to discuss the following points:

A new report, based on an assessment of published science literature, makes the following conclusions about the potential for abrupt climate changes from global warming during this century.

* Climate model simulations and observations suggest that rapid and sustained September arctic sea ice loss is likely in the 21st century.

* The southwestern United States may be beginning an abrupt period of increased drought.

* It is very likely that the northward flow of warm water in the upper layers of the Atlantic Ocean, which has an important impact on the global climate system, will decrease by approximately 25-30 percent. However, it is very unlikely that this circulation will collapse or that the weakening will occur abruptly during the 21st century and beyond.

* An abrupt change in sea level is possible, but predictions are highly uncertain due to shortcomings in existing climate models.

* There is unlikely to be an abrupt release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere from deposits in the earth. However, it is very likely that the pace of methane emissions will increase.

That's directly from the USGS, flyingvan, and differs from your comment. Lee, shall we just give up? You know I like blogging with both of you, but science, particularly climate change, is a multifaceted study and deserves discussion on both sides.

Lee said...

Stella, For the most part I have finished, what was to be a three part blog, on the many unresolved disputes over Man Made Global warming. **FV was making a joke WWF**

And I likewise enjoy your input.

I totally agree that our VA system needs to be funded and funded well. I do not feel that funneling more and more money is the same thing.

My family has a long tradition of service in the military, none of them are homeless. My town has a very large VA hospital. The only homeless here are those that choose to be (long story behind that statement).

I would MUCH rather see our government spend on VA's then on Hybrids or new fuels or Global Warming prevention.

The free market is a much better location for the fruition of those idea's. Let's knock down the Government made walls preventing Tidal plants and Wind Farms and Solar furnaces and Nuclear plants.

So yes I am moving onto the next item. As soon as I decide what that could be.

shoo said...

Stella: when disucssing the climate of Southern California, you are confusing cold weather and rain. Warmer winters typically bring more rainfall. Warm weather in general brings more rainfall.

Last winter was remarkably cold, with rare snows appearing all over the world. Saddleback mountain, right above my house, got snow over Memorial Weekend, which hasn't ever happened in my memory, which goes back to the 60s.

This late fall/winter we have already had some record cold days, and prolonged periods of very cold weather. I have never seen snow on Saddleback last more than about two days, until this year, when it lasted about 2 weeks from the last major storm.

All anecdotal, to be sure.

As I have stated before: only an ice age will convince the true believers.

Lee said...

WoW, I never would have thunk that the Huffington Post would come down on my side on anything.