January 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, sticking it to "the man"

I am a fan of Mr. Limbaugh.  As a political commentator and entertainer he is cutting, topical and self deprecating.  Today his show will probably have a bump in listeners.  This is due to a quote from a monologue that he made.  I hope Obama fails.  His point being he hopes the socialism agenda fails and the US stays the greatest country in the history of the world.

Now he is being called unpatriotic, and denounced by hypocrites in the media.  He was even called out by the President himself.

First amendment be damned?  Harry Reid attempted to have this same US citizen censored by a corporation, in a monumental misuse of power, which failed.  Rush actually used the official letter as a fund raiser for collage funds for the children of Marines killed in the line of duty.

And what of this quote from the same?  "Support the President, But Not His Policies"

Yes, Rush gets under the skins of some.  He is very good at it, arguably the best.  You can easily tell when those opposed attack the messenger and not the message.  Because his points tend to skewer with the sharpness of truth, and that can be hard to take.

To quote a blogger I highly respect:  I find that once you get past the flamboyant rhetoric and hystrionics, Limbaugh is often spot on correct.  -Wizard


Stella said...

Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants based on the First Amendment. I have the right to vehemently disagree with him, ridicule his viciousness, and post my ire about him whenever I please.

I don't think he makes any sense. My opinion? He's a vicious, self-centered moron. Makes sense? I see nothing on your blog about his statement that all drug addict should be put in jail. Following his logic, why, then, is he still on the street after his OxyContin addiction? By his own logic, he should be in jail as an addict.

I do not focus solely on his comment about President Obama, which was classless but perfectly legal, but about his entire arsenal of viciousness and hatred against anyone who disagrees with his skewed perspective.

I respect you and Wizard greatly. However, I don't agree that Rush is spot on correct. Nor is an extreme right-wing paper, such as the National Review.

The repugs/neocons and their media shills just hate the “will of the people”. Lets put that quote into Prop-8! What, exactly, do you mean by that statement? May I inform you that CA Attorney General Jerry Brown is currently fighting Prop 8 in the Supreme Court against Ken Star as unconstitutional. LOL, Starr's in for the fight of his life. Prop 8 is a disgrace.

I have been extremely gracious to your perspectives, Lee, and willing to listen to your views. As you know, we have sometimes come to an amicable understanding. But, be aware, my disgust at Limbaugh goes much further back than his comment about President Obama. I already know the entire comment, and I still think his disgusting and hateful.

If he'd said the same thing about President Bush, would you have been so willing to forgive his comment whether in or out of conext?

Stella said...

OK, here's a comment from the UK Telegraph: That incident has also sparked a predictable backlash from the Christian right, with commentators like Fox News host Glenn Beck suggesting, inaccurately, that Mr Obama might not be a legitimate president because he did not use a Bible for the second swearing in.

Since when is Abraham Lincoln's Bible not legitimate?

Stella said...

The National Review article would not load. I noted a link to a "Fascist Liberalism" site. Since when is liberalism a fascist concept? Actually, fascism began with Adolph Hitler who was extreme right-wing. Communism is extreme left wing. That's historically inaccurate and an oxymoron.

Lee, we don't have to agree to get along, but integrity forces me to remind you that Rush is not always right. He has an opinion, and many people disagree.

It's called Democracy.

Lee said...

First off we agree that you have every right to ridicule anyone you please. As does anyone.

I find him no more vicious or moronic then Olbermann, Maddow, or Matthews. I have found myself agreeing with the affore mentioned three, so I have to reject your implication that he is always wrong or always correct, rather like everyone he is both given the time and subject.

Further, I agree that had his word on drug addicts been law he would have been hoisted on his own pitard. He is on record at being embarrassed and humbled by the entire experience. He also did not skirt the law, rather faced the consequences of his actions via the court system. Also, to my knowledge he has never re-affirmed that statement or several others that have been proven to be incorrect.

I was focusing on Obama's error (IMHO) in raising an entertainer and political commentator to equal status with the president. Clinton discovered Rush is best left ignored. I only fault President Obama's lack of experience for this.

From you arsenel of viciousness, I am getting the idea you have never listend to his show at length. I have put in many hours with Air America, Ron Reagan, Charles binder, Rachael Maddow (after Wiz pointed her out), and that money guy, Sussmen I think?

Again, Rush has been Spot on Correct many a time. He has been way off base as well, his denouncement of ADHA (Autism) as an actual disorder, for

I also enjoy your insights and willingness to come post on my rather conservative take. We obviously disagree on Mr. Limbaugh, I have no issue with that, I in no way agree with your assessment.

Actually he has come out against many of Bush's poilicies, he has taken own repbulicans many times. He even suggested splitting with the Republicans and creating a Conservative party.

As far as forgive his comments? I am not sure the context, I either agree or disagree with someone.

It should be no suprise that I am against the US becomming a more socialist country, I am against the expansion of Governemnt, I am against government waste in spending.

Lee said...

The second swearing in has some photo's that show an absence of the bible. Non-issue, fodder for conspiracy theorists.

Had it shown a holy book from a religion other then whats claimed by the person taking the oath. Well, that would be something to consider.

I myself will not swear an oath on a bible, even for Jury duty.

"But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne:
Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.
Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst make one hair white or black.
But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."
The words of Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:33-37.

I do not understand any professed Christian elected official swearing ANY oath. At this point it is more of a trite ceremony that I wish was taken seriously.

Lee said...

I agree with the Oxymoron statement. Although, I have regaurded someones opinion as facistly held. Such as Born again Christian Fascist's.

"Lee, we don't have to agree to get along." This makes me sad, for I feel we have forged a good relationship, and shown tolerance at each others extremities.

Stella said...

I'm sorry I saddened you and also feel we have forged a wonderful relationship. Please forgive my ranting. I am, perhaps, overly sensitive after the last eight years.

I agree that Obama had no right to silence Limbaugh (no matter how I feel about him). I agree that the best thing to do with Rush (and Coulter and Malkin), is to ignore them. Why didn't I remember I felt that way, too.

I, too, am against government waste. I am chilled that Halliburton spent over $1 billion for which they could not account. Those, too, are our tax dollars. Apparently, extreme conservatives felt Bush spent money like the Democrats. I can't really argue that point honestly. And, yes, your comment from the Bible is absolutely accurate.

Well, we're on the same page after all. Shame on me for doubting what you said. I sincerely hope you will forgive my ranting. I would miss our cross-postings terribly.

I apologize for my unnecessary rant. I hope you know how much I respect you.

Lee said...

Not just extrememe conservatives thought Bush had little to no fiscal restraint. Maintstream ones did as well.

I Never consider a Rant unnecessary, as at a minimum there can be something theraputic.

Stella said...

You are a gracious person, Lee. Thank you for understanding and teaching me to understand. I would lose a great deal if we weren't exchanging ideas and thoughts.

Stella said...

(A secret: I don't like Matthews, either.)