January 06, 2009

The Guild

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this, rather interesting, entertainment item.  

This is a web sitcom about a group of online gamers.  When you play a multi-player online game, you can opt to join a group for help and adventuring.  These groups can be fraught with Drama, Humor and Fun (not in that order).

It is in its second season and had such success that Microsoft took interest and it is now available on the X-box 360 online.  The episodes are four minutes and the setting is various web camera shot bits with very little face to face interactions.  You may recognize the female lead from Joss Wheadons Dr. Horrible.

So Ponder for a moment.  You have an idea for a show, you make it and upload.  It gets some pretty positive press, so you make some more.  Somehow that works up to 12 episodes and your own website sponsored by a cell phone company.  Your group starts getting invitations to conventions and panels etc.  At some point this could generate some  revenue.   This axes Television and Movie studio's.

Of course you could just end up with something creative you can point to in your facebook page.

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