March 28, 2011


At work we have a salesman, he is very good at sales. I found out he was hired as a Supervisor, then due to over-hiring, he was bumped down to assistant, then to part time.

In short order he was able to become full time and quite an asset to Major Sales. Currently he is trying to step up to the position he thought he had originally. His experience makes him more then eligible for management. His stated goal is to learn as much as he can to be of more value to the company. Apparently, the length of employment is the primary criteria for advancement. Possibly above ability.

Anyways, he is very frustrated at this point in the narrative. When asked why, his response was:

"I want to learn more so I can advance, but that is not happening. The only one here who has taught me anything is Lee. His knowledge of electronics is amazingly vast."


We have very different perspectives. I am really enjoying my position, in time I will start pushing for advancement. For now I have a contentment in being hourly and kicking butt.

Still, I should start pushing for cross training. Wouldn't want to stagnate.

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Tina said...

Wow - I didn't know about that whole hiring thing for him. I hope he doesn't get too discouraged & sticks around.

You should invite him over for a drink or something :)

We'll have to get something to drink... Ooh! Trevor can mix stuff!