March 11, 2011

Pool question?

How long till the 8.9 Japan Earthquake is attributed to Global Warming?

Japans massive earthquake is devastating and the horrific images of the destruction we have only begun to see are heartbreaking.

The cynic in me see's an opportunistic for the Global Warming cult to cash in at some point.


flyingvan said...

Ignorant? For calling BS on a group that takes something completely random (weather) to attack something they hate (corporate America)then drawing a parallel to another random event, this one catastrophic? That's ignorant?
Or maybe you're factoring in the fact the disaster hit both the Toyota Prius factory and the Nissan Leaf factory, negating any theory Mother Nature is trying to restore balance.

Lee said...

I love the delicious irony of being called ignorant, by someone who so defines the term! ROTFLMAO

Sorry you wasted your time typing that excellent response flying. It falls upon willingly deaf ears.

Don't feed the troll.

Lee said...

Pool Winner was whomever took 3 days!