March 24, 2011

What a cool time we live in.

A while ago, Connor and I went on one of our bike rides to BK. While I was sitting there, I popped open my smart phone and had a conversation with Robert.

Robert was in Montreal Canada, on a business trip. He remarked at the wonder of being able to connect like this. I had just shrugged it off in a "yeah, so?" fashion. As soon as I did that, I realized how Jaded I was.

It is all too easy to go Luddite and proclaim the evils of tech, going so far as to post it on your blog. We can go the other route and become "one with the machine." Loosing out on the world around us for the joys of too much connectivity.

The yin yang symbol and the lesson of balance comes to mind with Mr. Miyagi accent intact.

a scant twenty years ago I wondered about people I used to know. Today I can check in with them and take part in memory scrubbing. It is great to see where they wound up (sometimes it is not that great...)

There are so many triumphs and tragedies that I get to share.

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