March 23, 2011

Hanging out with the Fam

My Nephew Daniel made this vignette during our Spring Break Camping trip.

Last summer, Connor wanted to go camping in the tent trailer on spring break March 2011. We puzzled on how exactly we could pull this together. We considered a few different avenues, including purchasing a tent trailer. Finally Tina had the idea of camping at my brothers ranch, and we enlisted the use of my nieces trailer (Thanks Shane and Kerrie).

With bad weather in the making, we had a back up plan for staying at a hotel with a pool. I worked on the 21st and afterwards we headed south. It was a two hour trek and quite dark when we arrived. We got our car stuck in the mud, heading to the wrong of two campsites.

In the darkness, we hoofed it to Kraig and Nancy's place. They helped get us to the tent trailer with all our goods. The next morning, Nancy freed our car from the muck. From that point it was hang around the campfire, visit with family, ride the horses and enjoy the brisk out-doors.

The bad weather decided to not arrive. The good Lord saw fit to provide a gorgeous sunny day for my 13 year old. (Connor might just have a direct line to the big guy). In other words, it came together as perfect as few things planned do.

This time-lapse was during our campfire with my Pop, sis-Donna, sis-Myrna, bro-Doug, niece-Karrie, nephew in-law Shane, Micah, Josh and Ben. Nephew-Dan, nephew-Tony and his surprise introduction of fincee-Ashley.

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- Rob said...

Cool video. Who fired off the lightning bolts at the end?