March 15, 2011

Invisible me

Bike riders share the road with scary, large, metal, rolling objects. A rider must never assume the pilot of these vehicles have a scrap of sanity.

Since August I have road my bike to and from work multiple times each week. My discovery has been that the worst time to ride is early in the AM with rain soaked streets. I think it has to do with the reflections coupled with caffeine not yet taking a hold.

My bike has various safety accoutrement's that, hopefully, provide safeguards. The human senses (all six in this case), are much more reliable. I have experienced a fellow commuter wave at me, at a stoplight. No doubt happy to see someone pedaling for some reason. Only to cut me off at the next turn, speeding up to do so.

Aside from the rainy day invisibility, I have also uncovered:

Stop lights mean right turning cars want to run you over. Running a red light at appropriate times is key to survival.
Vehicles exiting a parking lot will start moving when you commit to crossing their path.
Someone waving you to ride in front of them, are psychopathic (especially if they stop in when there is a no traffic control signals present.
The sidewalk is your friend as the curb seems to represent an impassible bluff to motorists.
Eye contact means nothing.
If your suicidal, wear an i-pod...

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