March 18, 2011

Ow ow ow ow ow

Started running again. My calves hate me.

I ran on Wednesday 1.48 miles. I took two days off to recover, ran another 1.48 miles today. Going to take this nice and slow and hopefully injury free.

My Hindu style push-ups are a five day a week thing now. I added some inner thigh abductors to the mix (as I kept getting sore when skating). Next up, adding some crunches.

The body weight exercises have great appeal. For quite some time I tried the, "go to the gym" route. It just seemed a waste of money. Not to mention, there is a cycle of going, then missing, then stopping, then going back half-hearted. Followed by guilt that you are not going and feeling stupid for paying for something your not doing.

Nope, I like the get up and do some exercises much better. I keep wanting to supplement with some equipment. I see some medicine ball exercises that look nice.

The other day I was considering a time when I was in better shape. I can pick and choose when I was stronger and faster. Overall, I am in the best shape ever. Reflectively that seems odd.

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Tina said...

and you're looking damn fine :D