March 31, 2011

The last allowable prejudice?

There was an editorial letter in the Miami Sun Sentinel in defense of true natural marriage. This was penned by Archbishop Thomas Wenski. I invite you to read it HERE.

In response Brandon Thorp wrote THIS in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

As far as my response to Mr. Thorp. I feel Thomas Peters response is much better then anything I could come up with.


shoo said...

Amongst liberals, Christians in general, and Catholics in particular garner a great amount of outright bigotry. It is truly sad. Once again, it is the blind arguing with those that can see.

Really, these critics should spend some serious time studying the religion before critizing and belittling it. They might find that some of the deepest thought in all of humanity comes from the Catholic Church.

...and I am neither Catholic nor Christian. Just someone who believes in treating people's spiritual beliefs with respect.

Lee said...

(Despite your being a Catholic in Denial ;P)

I fully agree that the greater bulk of media stories, lack research when dealing with Catholic beliefs.