March 21, 2009

All the leaves are brown

"Me time" is the catch phrase.  A time when you just get off the merry-go-round.  Walking to work is an option I have available,  one that I have been taking close to full advantage.  I live just under a mile from where I work and about 150 feet above.  There is a second hill around 120 feet to traverse as well.  

I walk at a brisk steady pace and my breathing has increased with my heart rate for a good chunk of my hike.  I do this four times a workday, as I go home for lunch.  I really enjoy the weather, no matter how cold, icy, rainy or sunny it may be.  Sometimes I will listen to the local AM news, other times I just think.

It is during these times that I debate various issues, plan out things to do around the house and yard, or just wonder about the nature of the univerise.  I highly recommend "Me time"

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