March 25, 2009

The words they are a changin'

So President Obama has ended the "Global War on Terrorism."  and started the "Overseas Contingency Operation."

Oh and we no longer have to worry about "Toxic Assets"  those are now "Legacy Loans" or "Legacy Assets"

"Man Made Global Warming" is now a thing of the past look out for "Climate Change"

How about the term "Liberal"  that is so passe'  you need to be "Progressive"

Be very aware that the very words the policy makers are using, have changed into something other then what Webster has listed.  They are more mallible and have a warm fuzzy feel.

The MSM appears to be in cahoots as well, turning a blind eye to news and reporting propaganda in its place.

1 comment:

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

My favorite is that we're no longer spending but "investing".