March 01, 2009

Rush hits it out of the park!

Rush Limbaugh addressed CPAC.  His 20 min speech went 90 min.  He was Entertaining, honest and passionate.  Looking at the blogs and MSM today, he scared the heck outta people.

Let's just tally this up a second.  House and Senate and Presidency are all Democrat controlled.  They do NOT need Republicans for anything, as long as they can keep their own in lock step.  Again and again we hear how the Republicans input is reduced to meaningless.   You would think CPAC would be a one minute footnote in the news, given the irrelevance.

But no, this has now become the focus more rather outlandish spin and attacks.  You would think that the Republicans are back in charge...  I find that interesting.


Lee said...

You can always tell when someone's hate overrides reason.

keeka said...

I actually tuned in to most of this! Carl and I enjoyed it and during some of it, I even felt like cheering!

I think it was a refreshing spritz of water on the american people's faces!
A gentle but rejuvinating wake-up call!