March 17, 2009

Some thoughts I thunk.

$165 million is really a minute amount of  $93 billion.  Yet, it is part of a contratual agreement, and these are given to people who do a good job.  Why would you want to fire your best workers?

The stock market rally, while it is a good thing to see, I am pondering the reasons given.  That the bail out banks are showing a profit.  Umkay, if you got a crapload of money from the government how could you NOT show a profit?  Current accounting practices being what they are?

The current stem cell coverage in the Media is a plethoria if mis-information and out and out fabrication and lies.  In my search for documentation I ran across this website that had already done a much better job linking all the information to the sources. No matter what side of a debate you fall on knowledge is important.

I sometimes get the feeling that our country is being run by a teleprompter...

Science should not be based upon consensus, rather on duplication of experiments that prove a premise.

Why is cutting down a tree more important to some people then killing an innocent baby?

When you pull a higher being or purpose out of the equation, what basis for morality do you have other then "Dont get caught"?

Being a member of a Union immediatly negates any value you have above that the union provides.

When the president says the fundementals of our economy is strong it is taken as a joke or gospel, depending on which president.

Taking what people say out of context is not honest.

If someone has an idea or statment, why would you disregaurd that statment simply because it was uttered by someone you dislike?  Only because the idea scares you.-


keeka said...

So Carl was watching Obama talk and Kaleigh was in the room. Carl asked her if she thought Obama was a good speaker (he was answering questions NOT on a teleprompter).
Kaleigh watched for a few minutes and said, "I don't think so, a good speaker shouldn't fall all over their words, it makes him sound like he doesn't know what he is talking about."
Well...there you go.

- Rob said...

Gotta point one thing out. You said this:
if you got a crapload of money from the government how could you NOT show a profit?

Note that money from the govt (or any investor) is a liability to the company. That results in updates to the Balance Sheet. How they use that money will result in updates to the Income Statement. The bottom line of the Income Statement is profit. Just having someone give you money is not profit.

However, your "accounting practices being what they are" caveat is a good one. If they are being dishonest then it is entirely possible that it is a false profit based on the money they were given but have not used in a productive way (as in that Madoff guy).

Anyway, good thoughts all around. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but they are clearly stated which is better than most people can come up with!