March 04, 2009

Another of my shows Cancelled

Back in 1987, ABC put together a show about investigative journalism in a near future time.  It went two seasons for a total of 14 episodes. Then it was cancelled.  This show was called Max Headroom (It should have been kept. 20 minutes into the future).  

This is significant because, it was the first time a TV show, I was really into, got cancelled.  

Yesterday, I found that Life on Mars was cancelled.  A show with a Great story, solid cast being flushed.  This was a remake of a BBC show by the same name, which was a big hit there.  I guess some things just do not translate over to this side of the pond.

On the brighter side of things, with our switch from Dish we now have BBC America and they are starting the sequal to the UK Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes in a scant three days.

This leaves me to ponder the how's and why's of network executive decisions.


- Rob said...

I guess I'm glad that I never had time to watch that show. It sounded interesting from your description of it. I don't have time for much TV, so I wasn't watching something else instead. That means that I didn't get it cancelled!

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Lee, For a variety of bizarre technological reasons I never got to see the US version of Life on Mars, but the BBC original was a personal favorite. I never missed a single episode!!

I had heard mixed reviews for the ABC version.

Like you, I am very excited about the new Ashes to Ashes......

P.S. "Life" on NBC (Wednesday nights at 10 pm Eastern / 9 Central) is a strong personal favorite. It, too, is likely to be cancelled, but there are a few episodes left. NO relationship to Life on Mars except a similar title.

Lee said...

The BBC version had a much better actor in the lead. However the ABC version got significantly better around the third episode.

As fine of an actor as Philip Glenister is, Harvey Keitel is amazing. Gene Hunt is a very complex character.

So heres to Ashes to Ashes.