March 23, 2009

And yet more proof that Manmade global warming is a myth.

Climate Change - Who's Fault? Or No-Fault?

The idea of a global climate change event which is caused by human activity and most specifically by the use of fossil fuels is considered by some people as a concept which cannot be denied.

Others who study the current changes in weather patterns and mean temperatures are far from convinced and posit other causes or sometimes admit they don't know the "why" but can chart the changes.

Dr. Anastasios Tsonis from the University of Milwaukee is one of the latter. Dr Tsonis is willing to say that there is a climate shift occurring, but admits he can't fully explain why it happens.

Dr. Tsonis and the rest of the team of scientists at the University are using a math application called synchronized chaos.

The synchronized chaos was applied to data from the past 100 years and found it works well in describing the actual events which now seem to be occurring.

..... The University team suggest the act of synchronization is capable of creating the resulting climate shift.

They also note the last climate shift probably occurred in 2000.

That would be the end of the warming trend which had been happening for the thirty years prior, and ushered in a cooling trend.

The synchronized chaos math application also appears to account for the global temperature trends over that 100 year period.

So Dr. Tsonis has a global temperature variance theory that correlates with reality and has nothing to do with human activity.

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Tina said...

Those of us who remember the 70's before the warming trend began, also remember the "coming ice age."

But then War Games came out and we could worry about that instead. (at least the folks that have to worry about something all the time switched to that one).