March 13, 2009


Dieting, has to be one of our nations favorite past times.  Just look at the book sales around this topic.  Not to mention the countless TV shows!  Yet we all know in our heart of hearts that Diets do not work for weight loss and exercise does not work for weight loss.

What does work?  Responsibility for your actions.  Eat less then you burn.  

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) + Exercise = Your daily burn rate in carlories.  
Every 3500 cal deficit will loose a pound.  There you go, it is all about the calories.

So take it a week at a time try to lower your calories by 500 a day below your daily burn rate.

 wait!  if I dont eat enough my body will go into starvation mode???  Well yeah but you need some facts on that.

Using myself as an example, my current weight is 255 lbs. and my bmr is 2061.  So, I would have to cut my calories to below 1030 per day.  However, if I were at my goal weight of 190 lbs., my RMR would be 1725, and so I would have to cut my calories to below 862 calories.

In general, it's true that metabolic rate tends to drop more with caloric deficits; as well, people vary in how hard or fast their bodies shut down. Women's bodies tend to shut down harder and faster. 

But here's the thing: no study has the drop in metabolic rate been sufficient to completely offset the caloric deficit. That is, say that cutting your calories by 50% per day leads to a reduction in the metabolic rate of 10%. 
Starvation mode you say. But you still have a 40% daily deficit. 

At least thats what makes sense based upon all the studies.  BTW, check with your doctor.


Stella said...

I'm Stella, and I approve this post.

You're 100% accurate on this, Lee. People in this country are so concerned with diets, they fail to enjoy their lives. I think that's far more dangerous.

Miss posting, but working hard (fortunately), so I've had little time to visit. I miss our "chats."

Lee said...

I'm really happy that you have been able to work so hard.

Take care of business, there will always be time for discourse er Chats.

Stella said...

I'm lucky to work so hard in a job I like. In fact, I'm lucky to have a job these days. We've been very much on the same page on a lot of issues of late (AIG, the Veterans).

I'm drifting towards independent and open-minded. Besides, Meghan McCain is now one of my heroes. There's a major accomplishment by Senator McCain: a great kid.

Thanks, Lee. Hope all is well with you.