March 07, 2009

Intentions .vs. Results

You keep seeing, hearing, reading the case for someones 'intentions' touted as all important, more important then the results.  

I personally cringe whenever I hear somone state "My intentions were honorable."   

Intentions are secondary(or lower) and results are key.   The current example of huge deficit spending, coupled with tax increases during a depression, being the results of an 'intention' to help stop a recession.  Look at the other day in Columbus, Ohio.  Obama addressed the 25 jobs his spending bill helped create. but nobody knows it's just for one year.   Not an impressive photo-op to me.

Our Preisdents Intentions are killing the Dow.  The new bottom is being predicted at 3000 *shudder*.  His intent to redistribute the wealth of the rich is on a proven path of hurting the middle class.

However, his intentions are good.  So lets just cheer him on...  ugh.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I don't particularly care how Obama turned this (the 25 jobs) into a photo-op, either. And the fact that these were government jobs didn't seem to phase him at all. God, I'm starting to pine for Bill Clinton here.

flyingvan said...

His intentions are clear and classicly Democrat. Make everyone poor and dependent on the government. There is no wish for a successful economy here. The Democratic agenda is to be much more powerful than the corporate sector; it's the Keynesian way. He WILL increase the middle class,k by eliminating the upper class. Goodbye America as the last superpower. Hello big government. Anyone who supports this has no place to complain about no job, high taxes, and messed up healthcare. God forbide there's an attack on our nation.