March 01, 2009

Paul Harvey 1918 -2009

When I walk home for lunch, my little AM radio is tuned into The Paul Harvey Noon news.  I believe I have been listening to him for Forty years.   His news items always had good news laced in with commercials blended throughout.  He was entertaining and and informative.  

I sometimes felt I was back in a simpler time, nostalgic for an era I never witnessed.  Always appreciative of his "Rest of the Story" features, trying to figure out which historical figure he was referring too, often times not even comming close.

I bought my first pair of Wells Lamont gloves because of him.  Recommended Roach Prouf to many folks who enjoyed the results.  Over the last few years his contribution was pre-recorded, the guest newsreaders kept alive many of the elements that made his broadcasst so unique.

Being a long time Radio fan, his passing really does make me sad.  At least he is reunited with his Angel in heaven.  Thank you Mr. Harvey.


flyingvan said...

MSM had to report this, thus had to spin it. "Icon Paul Harvey was out of touch with outdated conservative views" was the second line of his obit here in San Diego. Mr. harvey, this loyal fan is and will remain out of touch with outdated conservative views as well......

shoo said...

Me, being totally out of touch with my conservative views, also loved Paul Harvey.

Kool-aid drinkers should note that Paul was also a frequent Bush critic, especially the Iraq War.