March 03, 2009

Eleven years

Today marks Connors eleventh trip around the sun on good ole' Planet Earth.  That is eleven years of smiles, eleven years of the best entertainment, eleven years of love.

As this is his last year in Elementary school, Tina and I are sponsoring a Pizza Party at his classroom.  We have struggled with having him be in a regular classroom as much as possible.  Not because we are under some delusion that his Autism will suddenly be cured.  Rather, the more people that know him, the better off he will be in our town.  Currently, when we go shopping, someone who knows Connor will say hello to him.  Usually getting in eye line and waiting for a response.  Sometimes they get one, sometimes we prompt.  The kids in his school learn that being 'different' does not mean unapproachable.  

He is a sweat affectionate kid.  He has an interesting and fun sense of humor and we see him overcome obstacles everyday.   Happy Birthday Connor.


- Rob said...

From when he was a baby, I remember Connor always being a happy guy everyime I see him.

Happy Birthday, Connor. Thanks for sharing your smile with the world!

shoo said...

Happy Birthday Conner! I feel your are constructed quite well!

keeka said...

Happy Birthday Connor, a cute card is on the way!

Love you!
Tante Keeka!