March 25, 2009

Loosing weight

Over the years I gained some weight. Up to 285 pounds.  I made some half-harted attempts to increase exercise, change my diet and read some more about weight loss.  Kind of thought the zen of knowing would translate into doing.

I joined TOPS and I was able to get down to around 245 lbs.  I stalled out there and creeped up to 260 lbs.  On the reading side of things I kept seeing articals about the disconnect between exercise and weight loss.  That is to say, they are not directly related.  You can work yourself at olympian levels and not drop a pound.   Do NOT misunderstand, exercise has so many positive health benifits you cannot, should not ignore and get some measure every day (check with your doctor prior to  embarking on any diet or exersize plan)  However, here I was 30 some odd pounds lighter and holding.

My son got a trampolene and the weight limit on it is 250 pounds.  So I can go on it but it could be problematic.  Also, I just feel like I am too heavy.   Not to mention getting off the diabetic medicine would be really nice.

So enter Facebook and an old friend from High School.  Jack (Doug) by name.  Jack went from a heavy 210 to a fit 150.  He is doing some ongoing fitness quests and rollerblading all over parts of California for fun and fitness.

As I am always reading and looking for some actual good results .vs. stories in magazines and online.  I quizzed him about his methodology.  Jack went for a numerical, mathematical approach that really clicked with what I have been reading.  It was as if he had resolved the same puzzle I have been pondering (and pondering too long).  He also went from theory to practice, which I should have done.

Here it is:  Your body needs to take in calories to function.  Your body needs X amount of calories to work, if you take in too little you have problems, you take in too much you have problems.  Before the problem's there is weight gain and weight loss.  By creating a calorie deficit you loose weight.  By creating a calorie surplus you gain weight.  This is not new and should not be a surprise to anyone.

So then, how to find that X?  You need to find your RMR! This acronym stands for Resting Metabolic Rate.  Simply it is how many calories you burn in a day when your sedentary.  

Here is a handy online calculator.  Lets say your a Female, age 46 and weigh 135lbs.  Your sedentary RMR would be 1504 calories per day.  Over a week 10,528 cals.  Lets also say you walk at a brisk pace one hour every week day that is around 490 Calories or 2450.  That would mean your caloric intake to maintain current weight would be 1854 per day.

That number now needs to have your goal assigned.  Lets say that you want to weigh 130lbs.  Each pound is equal to 3500 calories.  You would need to create a deficit of 17,500 cals.  lets say you want to loose this over eight weeks.   You would need to consume 1500 claories a day and maintain the exersize you are already doing.  After the eight weeks you would adjust your diet to 1477 + exersize cals a day.

So this is what I am doing.  I'll keep you posted.

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