October 22, 2008

Chemicals and U

usually I save my creative writing for my other blog. This was just one I felt like sharing.

Brisk, that's the word used when it is damn cold and you're in denial. Today was brisk, and I felt the full briskness as I rode my bike to the store. We needed creamer, I needed coffee and I am loathe to drink my morning joe without creamer.

Our fiscal week took a cue from the stock market and plunged. This caused us to rethink a few things here and there. Being an "out of work" job seeker since February has been a less than happy time. We have been doing okay and there has been some enjoyable freedom experienced. Still, part of my self worth is as a provider for my family and watching the world go by from the comfort of my home is not helping my self worth. I have done some odd jobs here and there. I have had some interviews only to be told I was one of the top choices. Which is a nice way of saying "we do NOT want you here"... Yes, there has been some depression along the way.

So anyway, with the fiscals low, Tina and I talked about what more to cut from our "Quality of Life." We have a mental list of things to cut, with a disaster plan as well.

One little thing that we looked at was Coffee Creamer. Coffee is cheap, tasty and saves more lives in a given week then a trauma surgeon. To me, it's proof of the existence of God. Without creamer I can use (sugar free), I have gone without my morning cup-o-mud this week.

The chemicals in Coffee are a stimulant, they bind to the adenosine receptors in the brain and increases the dopamine levels (all good things, despite what Flying Van might say). You get focused, awake and ready for the day! St. Drogo be praised!

When you go without coffee, there is a period when you get headaches. As I headed down the hill, my eyes watering from the "brisk" air, my head did pound out in vascular anger, having been abandoned by java.

It was a good ride, not invigorating; I did get the blood moving, etc. Then I arrived at the grocery store. This particular national chain has a nice warm interior with shelves going East West all filled and faced with various foods and sundry items that make all our lives a little more comfortable. As I walked down the aisle with my caffeine-deprived headache and overall hypothermia, the rows and rows took on an unreal aspect. I imagined every different colored label promising things in whispers. I could see phantom time passing with these items going off the shelf and being restocked. I curiously wondered where that bottle of Pine-sol would find itself.

I did not really have any concept of the passing of time in my surreal shopping spree, as my mind would keep wondering who would buy all this crap. They have two shelving units full of soft drinks with a center kiosk filled with snack foods. The floor there is painted to resemble a drag strip.

I finished my shopping and the haze that I felt must have been apparent, because this nice checker person offered to run me through the self check out. I got the feeling she did not think I could handle this new-fangled contraption on my own. While she was checking on something, I just scanned and bagged the items myself. That will show her...

or not. Anyway I got on my bike and rode over hill and dale to make it back to my warm cozy home. Now to make a cup of coffee and enjoy the warm cup in my hands. I bet it will taste "Brisk."

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