October 26, 2008

Good things Happening

MSM is saying landslide for Obama. Polls are all over the place. I support McCain Palin and hope for the best. Win or loose some nice things for Republican Conservatives have happened.

Moderates are jumping ship!

The Elite intellectuals in the conservative media kept saying we needed a moderate like McCain if we had any hope of winning the election. We need to Move to the Left. We need a bigger tent. McCain can get moderates and independents and Democrats to join the Republican Party.

...Yeah, I thought it was hogwash as well.

William Weld, Colin Powell, Scott McClellan, Chuck Hagel, recently decided that what they wanted is not what they wanted. Otherwise, moving to the Left does not work.

Back when we took both houses Republicans acted like they were the minority. It was maddening. They also expected to get the same love from the MSM that the democrats enjoyed. McCain found out that the MSM is a fickle mistress if your on the Right.

While I continue to be jaundiced at the MSM and polls that seemingly try to shape opinion rather then report on opinion. I can really see a silver lining in Conservatives taking back the Grand Ole Party.

After all it did take a Carter to get us Reagan. (Obama is a Carter!)


flyingvan said...

Jimmy? or Nell?

Dan W. said...

Interestingly enough, the percent of people registered as independents is now up in the 30% range. This forces most leaders running for office, to "think outside the box" in terms of the people they have to appeal to.