October 27, 2008

Life on Mars

The UK comes up with some really cool shows. Sometimes the US will actually do the original series justice in a remake. Life on Mars (ABC Thursday nights) is shaping up to be one of those shows.

Detective Sam Tyler, gets hit by a car in 2008. He wakes up and it is 1973, he is still a NYPD detective, he has a different past and an unsure future. He is trying to figure out what the hell happened, while coping with life and police work in the early 1970's.

For those of us who recall the 1970's it has some amazing moments, great songs and quite a realistic gritty feel that your view through the looking glass gives, it is quite a ride.

His new boss Lieutenant Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel) has to be one of the more complex characters on television, I could just watch this show to seek what he is going to do next.
Then you have the background mystery of what is going on here. He has glimpses of 2008, visions of his girlfriend (who possibly lost her life). Then add to that the stacking paradox of his being a kid the same time he is an adult in the same town. It is that kind of writing that I love, I have so many questions.
The Original series has concluded, like all good BBC shows it had an ending. If you can get this through Netflix or buy the set on DVD or if you get BBC America check it out. Then wonder why our entertainment industry is so myopic.
Oh, Steve V. I think this is a show you would enjoy. (and it just started)

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Lee said...

Just for fun, I streamed the UK version. (16 episodes)

Man, I hate the British. This is just so damn good. Too damn good.

Yeah, I know that we get to see the cream of the crop, when it comes to BBC and ITV shows. Still...