October 25, 2008

Why Blog?

The other day, while on a walk, I questioned why am I blogging? A few steps later that was drilled down to, Why am I blogging about politics? The reasons my mind laid out for me were: No one is reading this, I really do not like upsetting people, My ideas do not seem to be understood as intended, will this really matter to anyone?
  • My Tina uses her blog as a Diary, I enjoy reading her insights into our mutual experiences.
  • I enjoy Flying Vans adventure and heroics.
  • Vince M's amazing house project,
  • Byron and Paula so I can live vicariously.
  • Ronn to joust, smile and peek into his life.
  • Joe Delta to be fascinated at his insights and logic.
  • Timmer to be confused at what he is on about or to just get irritated sometimes to laugh.
  • Rocky Family for those wonderful twin pictures.
  • George Family for catching up with his home life and ponder at his travels.
There are a few blogs I used to read then stopped because of the tactics employed. Some are no longer perused for health reasons (High blood pressure, Fear of aneurysm etc.)

Among the chaff I am finding some great political blogs that do detail reasons, comment respectfully and demand to be respected in kind. I fully understand a passionate response, less so a vitriol one. Learning to be diplomatic, ignore snide remarks and refraining from the same, does require some practice. Although, there is a time and place...

Anyways, Steve sent me an e-mail, pointing out that people do read bogs, even mine. They may not understand, they may 'get' the mood of the posting and understand that some viewpoints have merit.

Stella pointed out in a comment that "A good Democracy requires civil dissent." and capped that with my own words "We should treat people one way and ideas another"

So thus enabled, I blog onwards, trying to heed my own advice, possibly failing, but always trying. As my mom is so fond of saying. I was a trying child :)


Vince M said...

Lee, I don't know if your still into D&D at all, but even if you are not, check out this site.

Lee said...

Ah yes, the Order of the Stick. Trevor actually pointed this out to me some time ago. It really is good stuff.

8 bit theatre and Strong bad's e-mails are two more guilty pleasures.

As for D&D I think I have some kind of burn out or something. Plus, they keep comming out with new versions?

Sometime some place I will probably retro back in the pencil and dice.

Tina said...

Trevor had Lee DM a few games for his birthday.

The kid playing the pickpocket had a critical miss and lost all his fingers, and then Trev's character picked them up 'for later.'


I think that was the last time Lee played...