October 23, 2008

Romantisizing, re-imagining, villaning with friends.

So, the other day I was watching "My Own Worst Enemy" (stream link here). After that I had some errands to run, or walk, as I have time and its better exercise and less gas.

While I walk I tend to think about shoes and ships and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings. In this instance, my mind worked around to Shoo and Rob. Two of my oldest, best est friends.

Shoo is into computer software more then Al Gore is into carbon credits. He works for a company that provides a service for people wanting to invest money. In my mind this could easily be a working front for intel gathering. Shoo, being one of the foremost software programmers on the planet, has no doubt, created several Worms that have infiltrated most if not all of the fortune 500 companies and millions of home PCs. Catching rides on various security software, this information is then parsed and organized into filterable categories, some self flagging. This information is then extracted and either sent up for the highest bidder or routed to clients who have this company on retainer.

This self running AI, does require tweaks here and there. Which Shoo lovingly takes care of on the fly. I imagine his office is next to a glass wall filled with Blade Center QS22/LS21 Clusters. His desk is a virtual table with dual hand interface (the completed Milan) .

With the info in his hands and his various AI devices he can hack, control, create and destroy wealth at will.


Rob, on the other hand, could be an assassin for a shadow division of NSA. With his businessman\family man cover, he travels the globe to 'friendly' countries working in the best interest of the security of the USA. While he does go out on critical assignments, most of the time he coordinates black ops groups from his cover as a manager. His trained eye and knowledge allow him near instant understanding of situations and how to use them to his tactical advantage.

Oddly enough his division receives information from Shoo, although both do not realize their business lives cross.

Further, this would explain Robs GPS abilities for locating difficult targets in a wide variety of environments. Using the GeoCaching website, Rob gets his divisions marching orders and likewise reports successful closure. This hide in plain sight method is amazingly secure and overlooked by every counter-agency in service. And is the brainchild of Rob.



They could just be businessmen...

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shoo said...

Looks like I need to take time out from my day job for the next couple weeks: there are voting machines in Ohio and elsewhere that need to be tampered with.