October 27, 2008

Creating jobs... um... not really.

Obama on Redistribution of wealth 2001 Radio Interview, My lefty Blogger The Wizard has run quite a few good reads on the Main Stream Media. I highly recommend clicking that link.

His economic predictions are pretty stark. Although, from Obama's stumping speeches to his posted 'plan' for making new jobs, I am tending to see Wiz's point.

Example: How is a $3000.00 tax break going to create one new job? It isn't. If you have a company, you are going hire a new person because you have a need. If it happens to get you a tax break, 'oh goodie' That will cover, two months payroll for this person? Although, for a political propaganda move it is brilliant. It gives you great talking points either way it goes.

The other day, while taking a shower, an idea popped into my mind. Lets say, if you have a parent stay home and you have at least one child age birth to 16. You pay no taxes. I figure you could add something like x number of hours of volunteer time at your kids school or church or shelters, certain public institutions, such as Libraries. Anyways, I thought it was the start of a great idea.

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